What to do if you suspect Parvo, Distemper

If you suspect that your dog has parvo or distemper, please do not search the internet for home remedies. Parvo and distemper are serious diseases that are highly contagious and can be quickly spread.

Take your dog to the vet!! A.S.A.P, that means As Soon As Possible, aka NOW. Time is of the essence. The sooner they can get treated, the better the chance for survival is.

Call the vet ahead of time, so they can prepare. Drive there, park and then call the vet to let them know you have arrived.

If at all possible, Do not take your dog into the building until the vet gives you the go-ahead. They will probably admit you from a side door, to avoid contact with other pets in the offices.

At your home, clean and disinfect all surfaces that your dog or you have come into contact with. Here is a good link for step by step instructions.