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In order to be able to suggest to you great products that I deem safe for dogs, I have become a Chewy Influencer. Chewy lets me pick from a list of products that I receive, test and comment on. In this section, I will let you know how my dogs and I enjoyed these products.

You can rest assured that anything you find in this section has been tested and that the reviews will be honest. If we don’t like it, we will let you know. If we love it, you will hear all about it. Promise!

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Sophie and Bandit are testing Blueberry Crunch.
Sophie and Bandit are testing Blueberry Crunch.

September 4, 2017
Blue Buffalo Earth Essentials Crunch Treats
Hi all, this is my first review as a #ChewyInfluencer. My dogs and I have taken a little bit of time to test this new, and very different snack: #BlueBuffalo Earth Essentials Crunch Treats, Blueberry Crunch Flavor.

The ingredients in this snack are very limited: Apples, Blueberries, Yogurt, Flaxseed, Dried Apple Pectin Pulp. I have a constant challenge with Bandit being highly allergic to any chicken products, and grains. He breaks out in bleeding sores if I am not very careful, so a limited ingredient diet and snacks are preferable.

My dogs are used to getting a salmon snack every morning, which is about 1″ x 2″, so the huge switch to this tiny bites snack was not met with enthusiasm.  The pieces are so tiny, that we had a hard time handing them out. My dogs are used to large pieces of salmon snack, so the first time we gave these, they all ended up on the floor, since I dropped them before they could grab them. Having arthritis and not being able to hold on to tiny parts was also not beneficial.

So I started to hand them out in the palm of my hand, which became a pretty slobbery affair LOL.

The snacks smell like fruit. Bandit loves carrots, but he does not love fruit at all. After the first time of him tasting these, he did not eat another one. My other dogs were not enthused about the snacks either. They would eat them, but more because a morning snack was part of the routine, and if that was all they were getting, then it was important to follow the routine.

All in all, we did not like them.  They did not make any tails wag, and the canine enthusiasm about them was nil. As you can see, my always tail wagging Polly stood there motionless when presented with the possibility of a snack.

Sorry, Chewy. This was not all that great.