Important addition from a reader who used the Budwig Diet for his Beagle
and had this experience.

Because of the fat content in the flax oil and the cottage cheese, dogs can get pancreatitis. The pancreas swells up from too much fat -- which can very easily kill the dog. Of course it is ESSENTIAL to use LOW FAT cottage cheese with the diet, but even then it can be too much for the dog's pancreas to handle.

This is what happened with our Beagle -- although we were able to catch it in time.

Along with the Budwig diet, the dog needs to take digestive enzymes to breakdown the fat. (such as Udo's Choice Adult Enzymes) The manufacturer can be contacted for specific doses for the size of the pet. It just has to be effective in breaking down the fat.

Also it is important to note, the symptoms of pancreatitis are: the dog becomes unresponsiveness (refuses to move much), general weakness, refuses to eat, and tests will show an increase in liver enzymes. The treatment is: fast the dog on water for a day or two and eliminate all fats. Then, increase food intake gradually. This was successful for our dog, and was fine within a couple of weeks.

I'm concerned that other dogs may have died from this and it was thought to have been the cancer.

~~ This reader adds later:

Many, many dogs are prone to pancreatitis because of congested livers. The
pancreatic duct empties into the common bile duct. If the common bile duct
is blocked, the pancreatic enzymes stimulated by fat and protein ingestion
have no place to go, and they begin to digest the pancreas, resulting in
necrotic tissue and infection. (Obviously the enzymes which digest
carbohydrates have little effect on the organ.) Conventional veterinarians
have little to offer in the way of treatment of pancreatitis except fluids
(to float away the obstruction), and antibiotics to treat the secondary

Also, the symptoms of pancreatitis can be a bit confusing to diagnose -- and
it may be too late before the real
issue has been identified.