What is the Holistic Dog site?

Holistic Dog is a community of like-minded folks who are interested in natural, non-chemical treatments of their pets’ ailments, and keep them in good health.

“The Holistic Dog” e-mail list on Yahoo dates back to January 4, 2001,  following a post on the Sibernet-L list about the miraculously successful treatment of tumors with flaxseed oil and cottage cheese.

The Holistic Dog list offers advice on how-to’s and what-not’s with a membership of about 600+, many longterm members who have an incredible amount of experience and knowledge about the common ailments, and even the not-so-common diseases.  With the advent of Facebook the members have migrated to our Facebook page, which was established May 7, 2012.

The content of this site came together thanks to reader contributions and partial research of my own. If you have used herbs or supplements or other natural measures to treat one of your animal’s conditions that you don’t find on this site, please feel free to join the list or our Facebook page and share your experience.

Holistic Dog supports Chewy.com as retailer for dog food and dog accessories. Chewy.com actively supports shelter dogs and the people who help them, as I have learned just recently. (Read more)